Ballet For Bastards


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Debut album by Nashville-based progpunk band Chico.

Carson Mays - Guitar / Lead Vox
Ryan Quarles - Lead Guitar / BGVS
Greg Markus - Bass / BGVS
Austin Seegers - Drums


released May 4, 2018

Recorded by Austin Dunlap and Frank Barrett and Barrett Sound Studio.
Mixed and Mastered by Austin Dunlap at Eos Chasma Audio.
March 2017 - November 2017.
Nashville, TN.


all rights reserved



CHICO Nashville, Tennessee

Four-piece psychedelic garage-prog band born and raised in Nashville, TN.


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Track Name: Blooming Iris
I’ve found the tier that mirrors myself
No roping restrainment of promised hope
A vessel alone and happy to be
No more masks, mother modernity

Blooms of Iris paint the void
Pigments I choose from promised choice
No more steps in broken glass
No more breathes beneath the bath
That burns the bodies of my friends
And their constant opinions

I have found my horizons
And their own hindrances
Without the bloody hands of
History’s constituents.

Time will run
You will slow
Dance my friend
You are alone.
Track Name: Fields Of Copper
Adore my fields of copper
Transductive organ player
Run my tunes once again
For me to see what you’ve done to them.

Adore my fields of copper
Borrowed bastard brothers
I once was once person
Steadily breathing
Now there’s many faces.

Control my fields of copper
Mute mammoth’s mantra
I am an amalgamation
I am nature’s current conclusion.

What you know is how you feel
And how you feel is what you know.
Track Name: Conduit Of Circus Acts
Do you deem me irrevocable because I call you out on your bullshit?
I define my life in those whom I seem to confide,
Is that my reason for regrets or the shallow emptiness I find
In your eyes, at night - the bull and the tempter fight.
Is it the constable's problem or the people’s solution?
Don’t you tell me I’m crazy, the pictures you’ve stored away
Are just devices of the brain, memories mundane.

I sing, I sing, I sing because I have to, it’s not a choice of my own.
It’s a car wreck, a plane crash, the death of a million.
It’s a sadistic, statistic - ridiculous referendum.

Do you direct the current of your maliciousness upon the pearly gates?
The ones that discerns hate?
I hate the conduit of circus acts, the blindness in context
In which we define whoever’s right

On the contrary
I don’t think such exists
There’s no canary who sings the right pitch
I prefer the dissonance, I prefer the dissonance
Over the simplicity of bliss, it’s only a quick fix -
So don’t you tell me I’m crazy, the pictures you’ve stored away
Are all cracked and muddy, they never once are the same

I try, I try, I try because I have to, it’s not a choice of my own.
It’s a blind man’s opinion, the author’s footnote,
It’s a paradoxical argument, in which I cannot define my own
Track Name: Personal Providence
I can’t believe that talk
Looking in the mirror again
Solitary confinement or
Shedding of my own skin.

Personal Providences
Fill the holes in my hull
Beached upon islands of no relation
It ain’t that easy.

Would you learn how to knock?

Sudden death of interest
Leaves you in a saddened state
The setting suns upon your heart show
The purpose in your mistakes


Would you learn how to knock?
Track Name: Perfect
Mister, I asked kindly
For the soft flowing rivers of slope
Where the deer eat off canyon ridges
And I cannot feel my throat drying up from daydreams I once had such a long,
Long, time ago.

Years have past and taught me
About time’s gargantuan growth
From the sunflower seeds to the poplar trees
We are the ones to know
How tricks and traps and dirty tracks
Can get covered by the snow
Yet bad habits surface constantly
And we are the ones to show

Nobody’s perfect
And nobody’s correct
And I want courage
Don’t you forget that it’s all in your head.
Track Name: Fellow Passenger
Keep the gloves on
Bloodstained carpets
Hung in order
For midnight riders
Who sink their teeth in
A life of passing
Conditions only change -

From one to another.

Closet banquets
Leased apartments
The butcher meets his
Parting passage.
Play the part boy
Leave the gutter -
Flight of wingless birds.

Smoke, Ash, Rise, Return.
Track Name: Concrete Cadence
Concrete Cadence
You made it up
The driftwood held on to
Keeps pulling you back up

The luck of desire
Or the lack of such
Brings you closer
To the land of consciousness

Feed the life you want to
Or so you choose
What you held on to
These blatant truths
Context clues

Concrete Cadence
Or the lack of such
What you held onto
Track Name: Le Regard Du L'Enfant
Bought the breathless child
Found the card in the wild
How many more days must I participate
How many more years must I anticipate

Better Make It Yours
(If it all possible)

Drag the fears from the carpet
Count the faces created
How many more days may I participate
How many more years may I anticipate

Better make it Yours
(As if this were possible)
Track Name: Convenience
I once was, wasn’t.

Caught some bad habits after a long day.
Fell prey to the structures within my face.
Sinister serpents serve for subtle say
When upon the tables lies modest pay
Beg for forgiveness there is no escape
Or is this all illusion keeping you awake?


Lay waste to the product of, in your hand.
Release immediate pleasures of conquered lands.
Render them useless - disarm their grasp
They have not only on you but your children.
Track Name: Novocaine Thesaurus
I dunno if you’ve seen it
The malnutrition I’ve been hiding in
Or rather the kind I’ve been seeking
American dreams are not for the human being

I dunno if you’ve seen it
The free world is ruled by tyrants
Tectonically shifting power promised
Away from humanity.
Darlings, you must quit the crying
Cockroaches, novocaine thesaurus
I take the pavement is cold and inviting –

When there's more rubber to burn.

Looking back we’ve been hungry,
Unfaithful thieves of the marketplace
Shrouding truth and intention
From all those who stand in the way.

Looking back we’ve been starving
Monstrous marauders raking in the spare change
And I cannot wait to be starving

Once again!

This balderdash, plutonic system
What the mind can’t take berates to blossoms
Maybe it’s the capability of moving onwards
When there's more rubber to burn.

I am not the one you seek.
I will let you down in fury.
I can hear it once again.
A fatal call to walk as men.
Track Name: Caveman
Caveman likes to swim
He likes to feel the weight of his limbs.
Floating upon the surface
Subjects the body to “buoyancy” –
What’s the point in even moving
If you’re never free?
You’re never free.

Caveman's got a broken body,
But he says he loves his brain –
Tells the token it’s innerving
The way in which people think
Boy, the bourgeoisie is truly something –
Is it me?

It is me.

So I’ll sink it in my pocket
And accept the fate that was given -
And the time alone that has been needed,
and how they form thoughts in our heads.
And experience, is it truly such a factor
When the anvil falls on our chests?
And the tides of time are surely broken
How will one know to feel bereft or regret?

Thank the lord I died awhile back and was born to understand
That one cannot be right for the sake of mankind
For the truth is impossible to get!
So take it all from me, those of you who seem to be listening:
I can't offer you much but I will send you my love, the only thing
I have to give.

He's bleeding out in the basement
But it doesn’t seem so strange.
Yet the others, they just keep watching –
Not even meaning to offer a hand.
Saying, “That’s what you get for believing in your own head.”

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